Choosing a Charter Boat for Sportfishing in San Diego

How to Choose a San Diego Charter Fishing Trip

Let’s talk about what you’ll want to consider before choosing which type of fishing trip will best meet your needs this season.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before starting your research on which type of charter to choose with either the MV Horizon or the MV Malihini.

1. What length of fishing trip best suits your needs? Our charters are as short as a few hours and as long as 5 days.

2. How many people will be in your group? You’ll need to be sure that the charter you choose can accommodate your group’s size.

3. What type of fish do you want to catch? With two charter boats we offer a wide range of of fish such as California Halibut, Rockfish, White Seabass, Yellowtail and Tuna. Anglers have also had a lot of success in catching bluefin tuna in recent years as well.

4. When do you want to go? The summer months are best to catch most species of fish (book now), but late spring and early October can bring success as well.

5. What level of angler are you? As a beginner, you don’t want to find yourself on a charter full of experienced anglers who know exactly what they’re doing. Keep this in mind when you’re making your booking.

6. Lastly, what kind of overall experience do you hope to receive? If there is something specific that you want, such as a more intimate experience where you learn the tricks of the trade one-on-one or a certain type of fishing, be sure to check in with our helpful crews when you book so you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s go fishing!

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