Bill Wilkerson

Bill has been in the sportfishing business for 36+ years starting in Santa Monica, California as a deckhand on a half-day boat during the summers. At the age of 16, William moved to San Diego where he became a deadhead on the sport boat San Diego with Bob Williams, Tom Ebner, and Roy Rose, before joining the crew of Mascot 6 out of H&M Landing where he worked for two years. He then joined the owner-operator, Ray Sobieck, onboard the Producer, where for the next 14 seasons he honed his skills as deck boss. During that 14-year span with the Producer, William became one of three African American Captains in San Diego. He ran as a second operator for four years, learning all facets of the business from how to run a successful sportfishing operation to providing the best customer service possible. don’t take his word for it come and see for yourself!

Captain Cary

Captain Cary started his career in diving in 1980 after finishing his open water training here in San Diego.  He spent five years as a dive-guide in the U.S. Virgin islands for several dive operations, later becoming a scientific diver for NOAA.  In 1985, he returned to San Diego and worked as a commercial diver and scuba repair technician until taking the helm of local dive charter boats.  We hired him in 1994 where his knowledge of scuba diving and spearfishing helped make us one of the best charter operations in Southern California.  In 1996, he took a position as scientific diver and dive master at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography but continued assisting as relief Captain on long range trips to Baja California.  He returned full-time in 2009 where his knowledge of marine life and diving speaks for itself.  Captain Cary also enjoys underwater photography and education.

Captain Peyton Freeman

Captain Peyton Freeman, a California native, has been with the Malihini for three years. At just 20 years old, he already possesses extensive fishing knowledge, having fished along the Southern California coast and in various lakes throughout the region. Peyton is known for bringing his best to every trip, ensuring guests have an exceptional and memorable sportfishing experience on the Malihini‚Äč.