Some of your Questions:


A passport is NOT REQUIRED unless we are fishing near the Mexican coast or near any of their offshore islands. During the summer months, most of our trips are scheduled to fish OFFSHORE (well outside of 12 miles) where a passport is NOT required. If a trip is operating within 12 miles of the Mexican coast of any of their islands, a Mexican Tourist Visa (FMM) is required. Examples of the types of trips that require an FMM include Full Day, Coronado Islands and Winter Coastal Rock fish. The Malihini staff will notify you when you inquire about a reservation whether an FMM and Passport are required on the trip you have chosen. H&M Landing will issue the necessary FMM for trips on which they are required. The process for issuing an FMM requires that the applicant has a valid International or U.S. Passport Book or US Passport Card. Personal documentation requirements have become standard for both domestic and international travel. While the vast majority of our trips do not require a Passport, Malihini Sportfishing recommends that for the most flexibility and whenever practical our customers obtain a valid U.S. Passport Card or Passport Book. Use this link for more information on Passports.


There is parking available in two public parking lots near H&M Landing. The pay to park lot directly in front of the Landing at Emerson and Scott Street is open for customers per 24-hour period. Another lot across North Harbor Drive is available with a pay per day lot you can pay by credit card or coin. In case both lots are full, street parking is available. Please read parking signs carefully for any time limitations.


Going South on Interstate 5 from Los Angeles Once in San Diego, exit at Rosecrans. Take Rosecrans 2.5 miles (in the only direction you can go once you exit the freeway) follow to Emerson Street (small street sign) and turn left (at the US Bank building and Jack in the box). Continue on Emerson past Scott Street. We are located at the end of the street before you get to the water. H&M Landing is at 2803 Emerson Street. From Chula Vista or South of Downtown Take Highway 5 North Exit at Hawthorn. Take Hawthorn down to the Bay, turn right onto Harbor Drive. Go pass the Airport, over a small bridge. Turn left on Scott Street. At Emerson Street turn left and enter the parking lot. From Phoenix, El Cajon, La Mesa, Mission Valley Take Interstate 8 west, Exit at Rosecrans where Interstate 5 meets Interstate 8, Follow Rosecrans 2.5 miles … (see above directions from LA)



Yes, no fishing experience is necessary. Our friendly deckhands are available to assist passengers with setting up your tackle, baiting your hooks and will help you catch and land your fish.


During the trip your fish will be kept in an RSW (refrigerated sea water) fresh as they were when you caught them. At the end of the trip, you may take your fish home whole in the burlap sack or you may have our deckhands clean your fish. Fish-cleaning is an additional cost of $3-5 per fish based on the size of the fish (very large fish are $10) and you will take your fish fillets home in a plastic bag. If you are driving a significant distance home, you may want to leave a cooler in your car for your fish. Ice is available for purchase at the end of the day at the top of the dock. If you do not want to keep your fish, please let the deckhands know ahead of time and they can assist you with catch-and-release.


For any outing we recommend a hat and sunglasses as protection from the sun. Use a sunscreen rated at a minimum of 30 SPF – you can get sunburned even on a cloudy day. It can get cold on the water so bring something warm… a coat, sweater or sweatshirt, a windbreaker if you have one. Dress in layers so you can adjust to conditions. Wear non-slip shoes. Short rubber boots are great for fishing, tennis shoes work well too. Pack your things in a soft bag or back pack.


The Landing tackle store has all of the tackle you might need. Rental tackle is available for all type trips. Because the most effective terminal tackle changes through the season, please ask the landing sales associates advice at the time of departure. A security deposit is required for the use of rental tackle in the form of a major credit card or $100 cash which is returned upon return of the equipment.


The type of fishing license you will need depends on the the area you will be fishing. Generally, anyone 16 or over fishing in California waters will need a California Fishing License. All necessary licenses are available to purchase at H&M Landing. The Cost of CA Fishing Licenses: 1 Day License – $15.69 (2018) Annual Fishing license – $53.74 (2018) All Annual Licenses expire on December 31st each year You can purchase your California Fishing license in advance through this LINK. For complete California Fish & Game Regulations: CA Department Fish & Game Website Everyone fishing in Mexican waters needs a Mexican Fishing Permit. If fishing, within 12 miles of the coast or offshore islands, Mexican Visa (FMM) is also required. Our trips include the Mexican Sportfishing License and Mexican Visa in the price of the ticket; some do not. The Cost of Mexican Fishing Permits, Visas: 1 Day Fishing Permit – price varies approx $12 – $15/day Mexican Visa (FMM) – $30 For Mexican Fishing Regulations: Mexico’s Dept of Fisheries Website


There are several good medications on the market. The best is probably the scopolamine patch by Transderm Scop. It is still a prescription medication but usually easy to obtain with a simple call. to your doctor. Dry mouth is usually the only side effect. but that is true with most all sea sickness medications. There are several over the counter medications but the one we like best is Bonine. Drowsiness is the side effect but less so with Bonine than with other brands. To be effective you should get this medication in your system 8 hours before you board the boat. If possible, sleep on it and take more when you board the boat and you tend to be less drowsy. That way, it’s in your system and working when you wake up.


If for any reason your trip is terminated early due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstance, we will provide you with a wind check/rain check to return another day when conditions are more suited for your outing. It is our mission to provide you with a safe, fun, and productive experience each and every time we head offshore.


Food and beverages are available in our galley and are not included in the ticket price. The galley serves cold drinks including beer. You are more than welcome to bring a “sack” style lunch. Passengers are not allowed to bring alcohol on board. NO ICE CHESTS OR COOLERS ALLOWED, space is very limited.