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Yellowtail Fishing In San Diego, Ca

Yellowtail is a popular game fish that can be found in the waters of San Diego. Here are some tips for catching yellowtail aboard the MV Horizon:

Choose the right gear: Yellowtail can be a challenging fish to catch, so it’s important to use the right gear. A medium to heavy spinning or baitcasting rod and reel with a braided line of at least 30lb test is recommended.

Use the right bait: Live bait such as sardines, anchovies, and mackerel are effective for catching yellowtail. You can also use lures such as jigs, surface poppers, and swimbaits.

Locate the fish: Yellowtail are often found around kelp beds, rocky reefs, and offshore islands. Aboard the MV Horizon our crews look for areas with structure and cover, and keeping an eye out for birds diving or baitfish jumping.

Be patient: Yellowtail can be finicky and may require a bit of patience. If we’re not getting any bites, try changing your bait or lure, ask our helpful crews for assistance, or we’ll move to a different location.

Be prepared for a fight: Yellowtail are strong and aggressive fish, so be prepared for a good fight. Keep the rod tip up and let the fish tire itself out before reeling it in.

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